Kitchen cowboy at Fahrenheit

Three evenings in autumn, on October 7, 8 and 9, visitors of Fahrenheit restaurant will have a unique opportunity to try the author’s set by Peter Goffe-Wood, one of the most popular chefs in South Africa.

It is not by chance that Peter Goffe-Wood is nick-named “Kitchen Cowboy”: enthusiastic experimentation, challenging and unusual combination of flavours and aromas make his dishes a gastronomic event. Peter Goffe-Wood’s craftsmanship is based on a profound knowledge of the classic European dishes and virtuoso handling of Eastern flavour nuances. But the most important thing is his reverent keen attention to the centuries-old and many-coloured culinary traditions of the South African peoples.
The guests of Fahrenheit restaurant will have a chance to feel the power of the sea storm, the hot wind sweeping along the rocky shores and the flowering ancient trees of South Africa if they taste dishes from Peter Goffe-Wood’s author’s menu. The chef will present a set of five courses. Marinated sea bass will be accompanied by the yogurt dressing with distinctive coriander notes. A rich taste of roasted venison will be enhanced by poivrade, a classic French sauce, and the delicious onion pie will be more eloquent than words. A selection of traditional African desserts will add the final touch to your meal.

Peter Goffe-Wood, a chef with 30 years of professional experience, started his career in Beverly Hills. Then he returned to London and worked in the best restaurants of the West End for 9 years.
The chef became really famous after he moved to South Africa. Peter Goffe-Wood participated in the opening of “Mont Rochelle”, which was named “one of the fifty most exciting restaurants in the world” by Conde Nast Traveller magazine. He also was one of fathers-founders of several successful restaurants in Cape Town: “Blues”, “95 Keerom Str”, “Balducci’s” and “Salt”.
For eight years, Peter Goffe-Wood was a gastronomic columnist for GQ magazine, he authored numerous publications and the book “A Life Digested”.
The chef became publicly known after his participation in the “Master Chef” TV show (South Africa), where he has been the host for three seasons so far.
Three evenings with the Kitchen cowboy at Fahrenheit: October 7, 8 and 9