The bar is a particular feature that Fahrenheit Restaurant prides itself on. This is a place where a blend of unusual ingredients is mixed into exquisite and remarkable cocktails that which will make you come here again and again. The person in charge of the bar is one of the best mixologists of Russia Denis Kryazhev.
Denis needs no introduction as he is well-known to Moscow cocktail fans. He does not only make drinks but creates their ingredients, prepares gaming milk, infuses gin with roast green tea and serves Bloody Mary with molecular celery foam. In 2012 Denis became the winner of Diageo Reserve World Class Award 2012, and in 2013 he was recognized as the best bartender according to GQ Journal.


Sudanese Rose250 rub
Rooibos and Hibiscus, rose water rose syrup, grapefruit
Citron Verde250 rub
The juice of bergamot, lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit, lemongrass and fructose
Bee Pollen250 rub
cinnamon flowers, pollen, ginseng and lemon
Gin&Tonic250 rub
tonic, gin syrup, cucumber and lemongrass
Coconat250 rub
coconut water or coconut soda or coconut milk drink
Aloe Blan250 rub
aloe vera, lemon kordial, soda, grapes


Angel Fizz530 rub
Prosecco, apricot jam, Vermouth Martini Bianco, Calvados °F оr.bitter
Sparking Spring530 rub
Prosseko, gin Beefeater, aloe vera, palm sugar syrup with jasmine, juice of bergamot, peach bitters
Acai Royale530 rub
Prosseссo wine Umenishiki Umesu, Cedilla Acai liqueur
Normandy Spritz490 rub
Apple Cider, Becherovka, Liquor Saint Germain
Boulevardier Sbagliato490 rub
Bourbon Bulleit, Campari, Martini Gran Lusso, cream soda, peach bitters


Leblon580 rub
Cachaça Leblon, bergamot juice,palm sugar syrup with jasmine, coconut soda, °F оr.bitter
Kings Egg520 rub
Vodka Grey Goose, tiger’s milk with lemongrascom, marshmallow, lime and sugar, °F оr.bitter
Chayote520 rub
Tequila Espalon Blanco, vermouth, Martini Dry, Elixir Vegetal Chartreuse, celery bitters, cucumber and lime
Big Lichi550 rub
Gin Beefeater on fried green tea and cocoa butter, lychee, lime and sugar
Samanta540 rub
Rum Bacardi Carta Blanco infuse Rooibos, vermouth Dolin Blanc, passion fruit and lemon
The New Sour580 rub
Dewar’s Whisky 12 yo, syrup IPA, lemon juice, airy foam from port °F ar.bitter
Ruby Fizz530 rub
Whiskey Singleton, sparkling pomegranate juice with narsharab, port Tony, °F ar.bitter
Winny De Puh490 rub
Mezcal El Recudo de Oxara, lemon cordial fructose with cardamom, peach bitters
Bohemian Tea580 rub
Gin Beefeater, Becherovka, liquor Saint Germain, juice of bergamot, osmanthus flowers, ginseng, pollen, ° F or.bitter


Autumn Apple490 rub
Vodka Grey Goose, seasonal apples Antonovka, Vermouth Martini Bianco, bitter apple, lime and sugar
Peruvian Sour550 rub
Pisco Tress Eres, purple corn, syrup of palm sugar, lime, marshmelou °F оr.bitter
El Paso Papa590 rub
Bourbon Bulleit, sublimated papaya, liqueur Amaretto Disaronno, lime and sugar, chocolate
Cococolada530 rub
Rum Bacardi Carta Blanco, coconut juice of bergamot and pineapple syrup, °F оr.bitter
Magic Banana560 rub
Bacardi rum 8 y.o. lime and sugar, ° Far.bitter foam from falernum liqueur, white wine and banana
Potimarron580 rub
Whiskey Singleton, pumpkin juice, liked dry orandge, bitter pumpkin seed and coffee, °F оr.bitter
Wong Night580 rub
Whiskey Jameson Select Reserve, blueberries boiled with Ingria Pale Ale, lemon, blueberries sublimated, °F оr.bitter
Granny’s Punch560 rub
Raspberry Schnapps, a mix of red berries, liquor Maraschino, cider, lemon, caramel sorbet with balsamic °F ar.bitter


Agavoni580 rub
Vermouth Martini Gran Lusso, Bitter Campari, Bitter chocolate, taiga honey
and allspice
Opium Martini590 rub
Gin Bombay Sapphire, Martini Rosso vermouth Grand Poppy bitter, pineapple syrup, absinthe
Barrel Caramel520 rub
Cask vodka Grey Goose, colenaya caramel syrup, bitters Branca Mente, Smoked cotton candy
Pasado de Moda520 rub
Mezcal El Recuerdo de Oaxaca, agave syrup, °F оr.bitter
Okinawa ‘Fashioned650 rub
Rum Zacapa 23, sherry pedro ximenez, Syrup of kombu, bitter dandelion pink salt

°F оr.bitter* – смесь цитрусовых биттеров приготовленная в нашем баре
°F оr.bitter – смесь горьких классических биттеров приготовленная в нашем баре