Atalay Aktas
cocktails with passion
On february 25th/26th/27th
at 7.00 pm

On February 24th-27th, behind the bar counter of Fahrenheit restaurant you will find the author of one of the most intriguing bar concepts in Berlin – Mr. Atalay Aktas.
Atalay started his career in the hospitality industry more than 15 years ago, and has worked in the top restaurants in Germany, rising from the waiter to the bartender under the direction of Stefan Lembacher, one of the most famous bartenders in Berlin. The list of all Atalay Aktas’s workplaces includes the most emblematic bars in Germany to cover all areas and styles in the bar art from classic cocktail bars to speak-easy bars and night clubs: Sage Cocktails Bar school, Joe Penas, Goldrot Restaurant , AL 2 Cocktail bar, Felix Club, Salut Bar.
Atalay was acknowledged as one of the best 20 bartenders in the world, was awarded the Mixologist of the Year title in 2013 according to Mixology Magazine, and won World class Bartender title in the same year.
In 2012, he opened Schwarze Traube bar, whose concept he defines as a “noble trash”: here the exposed brick walls and mismatching couches and chairs adjoin paintings by famous artists, designer wallpapers and personal services. This is a speak-easy bar with closed door: in order to get inside, you need to knock three times. If there are no free seats in the bar, you have to wait until they become available. However, no one has left Schwarze Traube without getting inside, and every night there are crowds of people in front of this bar located in Kreuzberg, a trendy district of Berlin. There is no menu in Schwarze Traube. Atalay believes that the standard bar menu limits both the client’s and the bartender’s possibilities. A guest tells about taste preferences, mood, memories and the loved ones, and there the magic begins…
Schwarze Traube is included into the 50 best bars in the world, the top 10 bars according to the TIP magazine, and has been mentioned in all the leading slick magazines from GQ to Zitty.
This year, Atalay opens a new bar Die Lilie, which will combine the concept of a cozy little café and a night bar. It sounds promising, and keeping in mind his mixologist skills, we are confident in an outstanding result.
By tradition, the guests of the restaurant will be offered 5 signature cocktails. The cocktails price varies from 450 to 650 rubles.

From 7.00 pm till 12.00 am
Tverskoy boulevard, 26, build. 2
Telephone: +7 (495) 651-81-70

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