About the restaurant

This is an extraordinarily audacious and creative state-of-the-art project, abundant in cultural and gastronomic events. The concept of the new venue is based on casual gastronomique – the cuisine which is vibrant and profound, yet simple and easy-to-understand, really ‘casual’ as the name suggests. Farenheit offers a unique and diverse space. The classic loft style – a combination of concrete, metal and glass – is softened by leather and wooden accents, and a laid-back chat with the restaurant guests in the open kitchen helps the atmosphere of the place come alive. The chef of the new restaurant is the talented and charming experimentalist Andrei Krasov. The person in charge of the bar is Denis Kryazhev, the winner of Diageo Reserve World Class 2012 and the Bartender of the Year-2013 according to GQ Journal.

Casual Gastronomique

The chef Andrei Krasov

Денис Кряжев, шеф-бармен ресторана современной русской кухни в Москве

The barmanager Denis Kryazhev

The space